Our Veterinary Clinic has been in Rojales since 2004, working and improving our knowledge to achieve the best preventive medicine for our customers and to try diagnosing the problems as soon as possible to give those the best, quickest and accurate solution.

We focus our main objective in the wellbeing of your pets, and we redirect to consolidated specialists when we consider it necessary to obtain the best diagnosis and results.

We have worked for many years with birds (canaries, goldfinches, greenfinches, pigeons, doves, parrots in general) as well as with small-size mammals (rabbits, Guinea pigs, etc.) and reptiles, mainly turtles, galapagos, among others.

In our zoo center we have two veterinary consultations, one for dogs and another one for cats and exotic animals. We as well have a hospital room for post surgery or in case any animal needs close observation and precise treatment. Due to the fact hospital admission requires intensive care or monitoring, we refer animals in such circumstances to hospitals where they are taken care of and observed 24 hours.

Our surgery room has got high quality equipment such as inhalation anesthesia, breathing, pulse, oxygenation and blood pressure monitoring, electric knife and equipment for dental hygiene, as well as many years of professional surgery experience.

In our shop we have different indispensables for the feeding and diets of your pets, as well as cosmetic, dental and general hygiene products. We also have all kinds of internal and external anti-parasites. All our products are of the best quality brands, guaranteeing the best for your pets.


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